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Tuesday’s Tip: The best place to keep your family tree safe

I just discovered this blog. The writer is from Australia; I don’t have family members in Australia, but this particular post caught my attention for its discussion – and subsequently, led me to notice  the name of her blog. The blog, “Becoming An Accredited Genealogist”,  by a young woman named Josephine Hardy, has some interesting insights into how and where to publish one’s family tree. She offers a few examples of where to keep your tree “safe”, and what that means.

I’m so impressed by all the new material available on the internet since I’ve recovered from my long illness. It’s been such a long time since the days of only having access to records via microfilm or through expensive snail-mail.  I’m so thankful to see such progress! The internet has generated a unique gold-mine of material to peruse for our ancestors, and no doubt, will continue to open virtual doors for us as more records become available.

Take a look at Josephine’s blog. I wish her the best in becoming an accredited genealogist.

The Global Genealogist

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 2.56.45 PM My Virtual Tree Screen Shot from MacFamilyTree

This post is titled ‘The best place to keep your family tree safe’ and the key word here is ‘safe’. What do I mean by safe? I don’t mean safe from predators who want to steal your identity. Common sense internet ethics apply when doing genealogy research. Don’t publish anything that you don’t want other people to know. What I actually mean by ‘safe’ is making sure that all of your hard research doesn’t accidentally get lost in the internet ethos or in your computer files. Keeping your family tree up to date and saved in multiple places is just as important as doing the research itself.

There are so many websites and software programs out there that allow you to upload and save your family tree. Ancestry is probably the most well known, but they also have their own program called Family…

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