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Maritime Monday: Interesting Find for our Frederick Line!


Below is a book I recently found since coming home from Rootstech 2015. Jon and I had a wonderful time there, spending as many hours in the Family History Center, when we weren’t in class. It was published in 1934 by the Pennsylvania German Society and is the first of 2 books. The second book actually has our Frederick family listed. I will post the pages here if I can. The books discuss the dynamics of why Germans immigrated to Pennsylvania from Germany, and touches on their experiences. Of particular interest to us is the Passenger List in Volume 2. On page 100-102, List #437 reads:

“List of Passengers in the Ship COLUMBIA from Amsterdam, Capt. WILLIAM MALEY, 149 passengers. UNDATED. (NOTE: We make the conjecture that as the ships’ listings were in chronological order, this ship came into port between 3 July 1796 and 19 August 1797, as this list is between two ships that were dated as having come into port then. Caps by this writer for convenience. )


There were twelve extended families listed on page 101, and on page 102, we see the following.

Family # 20: Isack Kullenberg; Wilhelmina Kullenberg; Johanna M. Herder; Abraham Frederichs; Wilhelmina Frederichs; Carl W. Frederichs;  Jacob Lingenfelder.


English: Family History Library of The Church ...

English: Family History Library of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Cropped from a photograph of 's point...

English: Cropped from a photograph pointing out details on a genealogy chart to US President in the Oval Office, while Obama observes. This compilation of Obama’s genealogy information was a gift of the LDS Church. To the right of the President, is Thomas S. Monson, President of the Church. (Photo credit: Wikipedia



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