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Surname Sunday: Exciting Find…well, HOPEFULLY!

I’ve been working on my husband’s line today. I believe we’ve had a small break in the brick wall – that we’ve had for more than the 40 years we’ve been searching for it! When we were at Rootstech 2015 in Salt Lake City, naturally, we spent a WHOLE LOT of time in the Family History Library. We had secured great reservations with a motel just right around the corner from the FHL. The Library was literally a small alley away, well lit at night and no traffic whatsoever. We only had to step outside the Salt Lake Plaza and walk just a few feet to the door of the massive library. Additionally, the Salt Palace, where the Conference was held, was within walking distance too. No need to worry about parking, as we simply kept out car in the motel parking garage. For lunch, Jon would get the car and meet me at the corner.

Anyway, back to our exciting find: Jon’s paternal grandmother, Katherine, (last name either Lepter, Muschko, and a few others), has been extremely difficult to research. We only have an affidavit for a birth certificate from Manchester, Connecticut. Her marriage certificate has some very interesting things. I’ll discuss that later. Bottom line: we don’t have a clear knowledge of her birth year and location, her parents’ identities, and whether she’s even a citizen here. After getting assistance from the kind folks at the Library, Jon and I have decided to follow their advice and “choose a possible scenario and let it play out” until we either prove or disprove the scenario. So, we’ve got several hypothesis.

Working on one hypothesis, I’ve located the following baptism record from Slovakia:





This is a Baptism Record from the Evangelische Kirche Deutschland (EDK), which is the Protestant (Lutheran) Church of Germany. The document is for JAKOB MUSCHKO‘S baptism, dated 28 June 1874. The church is located in Toporec, Keżmarok, Slovakia. The father’s name is: JOHANN MUSCHKO and mother’s name is: ANNA GALLY. I’m trying to decipher a couple of words, and then I’ll post the entire statement.

In the meantime, I thought I’d just leave it here to “simmer” a bit. Enjoy!


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