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Tuesday Tips/Rubies: POOF! Forty-eight GONE!

I just deleted 48 people from my family tree! Yes, it was painful, but necessary. It’s funny, you can look at a branch in the tree every day, but not actually notice an incongruity until suddenly, it’s as clear as can be. That’s what happened to me. Actually, to my husband’s line.

I’ve frequently wondered why we couldn’t get any leeway on that line. It just seemed to go nowhere for a long time. Now I know why. My husband’s great grandparents, James Edward Vaux and Harriet Taylor, were young newlyweds when they boarded a ship in Bristol, England for destination America.  Harriet Taylor is apparently a quite common name during that period, but that’s no excuse for the overlook. Her parents’ names were Edward Taylor and Harriet Rendell Taylor. Not much unique here, but still…

That’s where the 48 people come in. I did find a couple here in Massachusetts by the name of Edward Taylor and Harriet Rendell Taylor. Their birth dates were even similar. Yet upon researching further, I realized that the couple in Massachusetts couldn’t have been Harriet’s parents. How feasible would it have been, to have them both born and raised, and eventually buried in Massachusetts, and in between their busy lives, go to England and give birth to Harriet? What an impractical idea, unless they were missionaries or something! And they definitely were not. I should also mention that one of James Vaux and Harriet Taylor‘s sons had the middle name of Rendell, easily pointing to my assumption and misdirection.

So, I decided to do an experiment. Knowing they originated from England, I “created” a new set of parents for Harriet, this time, in England. Voila! Both and Familysearch immediately gave me hits. The first clear indication I was likely on the right path was a birth record listing a Harriet Taylor’s parents, Edward Taylor and Harriet Rendell Taylor. To my amazement, the record also indicated two of her siblings, their mother’s parents – including the maiden name of grandmother, Rendell, and the name of an attendant that appeared to be a Rendell family member.

Here’s what I found:


TAYLOR, Harriet birth record.

TAYLOR, Harriet birth record.


What an EXCITING find!!!


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