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How To: Organize Your Genealogy Computer Files


I’ve been listening to her for over a year now and have found her podcasts outstanding. Her website is loaded with lots of “how to’s”, for beginning genealogists to professional. I’ve heard her speak at several venues and have never been disappointed. I always learn something new.

She’s quite adept at “techy” as one can clearly see from her website:

Lisa is the author of a variety of multi-media materials including the Genealogy Gems Premium website subscription, and four books: Turn Your iPad into a GenealogyPowerhouse, How to Find Your Family History in NewspapersThe Genealogist’s Google Toolbox, and  Genealogy Gems: Ultimate Research Strategies, and the video series Google Earth for Genealogy.

Her fascinating Google Earth videos and podcasts are not only entertaining, but gives us the “how” when we are looking to interest our family members, particularly, our grandchildren.  Check out her videos on YouTube.

Lisa’s style is very conversational, friendly and fun. She’s an excellent teacher whose instructions are direct and clear. After each podcast, one will find her Show Notes clearly written.

I encourage you to check out this sampling and her website:


Family History Episode 32 – Organize Your Genealogy Files, Part 1.

Family History Episode 33: Organize Your Genealogy Files, Part 2.



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