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Tuesday Tip: Judy Riffel, LeComite and more

If you ever are looking for Louisiana genealogy resources on eBay – and you should – you will find the contributor name of  Judy Riffel. In addition to researching and compiling her many books, Judy  is also part of the group in Baton Rouge, LeComite. Read about LeComite here: . My sister and I recently joined and are awaiting its second newsletter. The website describes the many genealogy resources that are available in Louisiana.
 According to the website, the society’s annual meeting is held between September 1st and October 15th of each year.

Below is information about the LAST MEETING. I will report when this year’s meeting is posted.




OCTOBER 5, 2014

Embassy Suites Hotel – Baton Rouge

4914 Constitution Avenue

Speakers for LAST YEAR’S MEETING WERE: Stella Carline Tanoos, “Experiences in Louisiana in the 1850’s” AND Richard H. Holloway, “Invaded: Louisiana Troops at the Battle of New Orleans”

**Selected society books will be deeply discounted this one day only. Available back issues of Le Raconteur will be offered to Members free of charge for this one day only. Supplies will be limited. A number of used books and periodicals will also be available. Some of these will also be free for the taking.**

Event Flyer  annualmeeting2014

Read more about LeComite here:

For more information on Le Comité des Archives, please contact Judy Riffel, Treasurer, via e-mail at or write the society at P.O. Box 1547, Baton Rouge, LA 70821-1547.

Here are a few more online sources that you may enjoy:

There are a number of Louisiana Genealogical Societies that may be found here:   This list needs a little updating as there are many genealogical and history societies in Louisiana! If you would like, you may add your own Louisiana link! (Note to self)

Louisiana Land Records at the US Dept. of Interior Bureau of Land Management

Louisiana 1940 Census Records and more…

I’d better stop with those tips; I’m amazed at how much data can be retrieved online these days! Since my heath has improved and I’ve been able to do more genealogy, it’s been quite a catch-up game!



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