Family Circle 14

A family history site: Chasing My Own Tale

Jon’s Ancestors

Below you will find a list of ancestors that we’ve mentioned so far on the blog. It is listed in alphabetical order, with women listed with maiden names,  for your convenience. There are two lists; one for Jon’s direct line and the other for all other family members – aka. “collateral” family members, as they are called. Of particular note, the names listed in BLUE are his “brick walls”, i.e., end of the line so far. If you have information you’d like to share, it would be most appreciated. 

Direct Ancestors

Loucks, Wano Glenn  (1886-1945) – Jon’s maternal grandfather

Rendell, Harriet

Rudolph, Johanna Wilhelmine Ernestine

Schulz, Berta Augusta Mathilda

Schulz, Johann Daniel

Taylor, Edward (1789-?)

Taylor, Harriet (1814-1870)

Taylor, James (1770-?)

Ulbrich, Karl Fritz – Jon’s paternal grandfather 

Vaux, Harriet Sophia (1850-1924)

Vaux, Isaac Getchell

Vaux, James (1704-1776)

Vaux, James (1787-1839)

Vaux, James Edward Vaux (1812-1871)

Vaux, John (1747-1811)

Vaux, William (Abt 1653-1706)

Other Family Members

Schulz, Berthold Carl Heinrich

Schulz, Klara Martha Agnes

Schulz, Reinhold Oswald Schulz







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