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Beausoleil 251 Years Ago

Today February 27th, 251 years ago Joseph Broussard (aka “Beausoleil”), direct ancestor through my paternal grandmother,  led the first group of Acadians to Louisiana.


English: A inches (0 cm) x inches (0 cm) oil p...

English: A inches (0 cm) x inches (0 cm) oil painting of Joseph Broussard, known as “Beausoleil”. Broussard lead a guerilla resistance movement in 1750s Canada against the British government. He eventually led the first group of Acadian exiles to Southern Louisiana in 1765. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Real Cajun Night Before Christmas


Real Cajun Night Before Christmas when Santa almost passed toys ‘wit his unda’ware! Delightful Cajun story wri’t, draw’d and tol’ in Cajun dialect by mystery author rarely seen in public! Mostly because he is a Louisiana Super Hereaux and spends his time battling truth, justice and the Cajun Way!

“Cajun 12 Days of Christmas”

Tee Jules (Jules d’Hemecourt IV) here recites his “Cajun 12 days of Christmas”. Mr d’Hemecourt JUST passed away as I post this on 02.12.2008. In His memory I post this for people to hear. Clip is taken from his video, “Cajun Night before Christmas”.

Christmas Fais Do Do


Marcia Ball-Christmas Fais Do Do

Tuesday Tip: Podcast #13

MSS-013-Dissecting a French-Canadian Baptism Record (FOR MAY 26TH)

Tuesday Tip: Podcast #12

MSS-012-The Drouin Collection-Microfilmed and Digitized (FOR MAY 19TH)

Tuesday Tip: Podcast #11

MSS-011-Tracking Your “Nomadic” French-Canadian Ancestors (FOR MAY 12TH)

Tuesday Tip: Podcast #10

MSS-010-The French-Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan

Great webiste with loads of goodies! I’m so glad Sandra Goodwin highlighted this organization. Wow!

Your tip for today is to not miss this site!!

Show notes:

Tuesday Tip: Podcast #9

MSS-009-The Drouin Collection

Blue Drouin, Red Drouin, Big Drouin, Little Drouin, Male Drouin, and Female Drouin. Is this a children’s rhyme?? No, Sandra Goodwin explains it all. Most good genealogy libraries have some or all of these volumes in their possession. It’s important to know about these important books.

Show notes:

Tuesday Tip: Podcast #8

MSS-008-Jetté’s Dictionnaire

René Jetté (born Joseph Jean-Pierre Marcel René Jetté at Saint-Hyacinthe , the 3 May 1944 – died in palliative care in Beloeil on 18 May 2003 ) is a professor , historian , demographer and one of the most famous genealogists Quebec. Started in 1960 and published in 1983 , the dictionary has become a reference for historians. Once again, Sandra Goodwin offers a great assessment of this dictionary for French Canadian genealogists.

Show notes:

This set is quite expensive, but can be helpful with those brick walls. For information and price:…=

You can reach Sandra by going to or Email her at feedback [at] maplestarsandstripes [dot] com

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